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Four concert programmes of BLACK PENCIL in 2017-18

BLACK PENCIL will be performing 4 different programmes during the season 2017-2018: La Volta inspired by the famous 'First Book of Consort Lessons' (Thomas Morley, 1599).Eight Centuries of Songs featuring an exciting selection of great song-hits from Medieval times till today. Chanson de Geste including Sequenzas of Berio, new compositions and arrangements of Bach 'Die Kunst der Fuge'. And our bestseller Buffoni inspired on the late 16th century Venice Commedia Dell’Arte.

More info



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New CD Kaiseki by BLACK PENCIL

The new CD ‘KAISEKI’ of the ensemble BLACK PENCIL has been released in May 2017. The programme include works by a.o. Arnoud Noordegraaf, Robert van Heumen, Florian Maier, Roderik de Man and own arrangements of Japanese traditional music. The CD is devoted to works who were written inspired by the Japanese cuisine 'kaiseki. More info & Orders






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Eight Centuries of Songs by BLACK PENCIL

Featuring an exciting selection of great song-hits from Medieval times till today. The programme includes music by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, 13th century Cantigas de Santa Maria, Manuel de Falla, Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, Luciano Berio, The Beatles and Frank Zappa a.o. This programme is performed in the seasons 2016-17 and 2017-18 by BLACK PENCIL.

More info






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New CD Roderik de Man by VisiSonor Records

The new CD-production of the prominent Dutch composer Roderik de Man ‘Present & Past Tracks’. This double CD album features a great variety of compositions for many different instruments, including a blockflute concerto, harpsichord concerto, bass clarinet, panflute, gamelan ensemble, organ, viola and voice a.o. The compositions are performed by Jorge Isaac, Black Pencil, Harry Spaarnay, Insomnio Ensemble and Annelie de Man a.o. More info




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' Recorder Mass Media in 60 seconds' by Jorge Isaac

A film of 60 seconds illustrating the process of making a recorder as a mass media instrument. The film was recorded at the fantasitc Aafab factory in Utrecht (NL). It was shown many times during Jorge Isaac's Blockflute Masters concert series. More info






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John Cage HPSCHD produced by Jorge Isaac

Our Artistic Director, Jorge Isaac, produced a massive performance of John Cage's legendary work HPSCHD (1969). The performance took place at the Orgelpark in Amsterdam, featuring 7 harpsichords, live video, about 20 speakers and live electronics. Check out the documentary being made for the occasion. More info





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'Annelie de Man Harpsichordist' produced by Jorge Isaac

A beautidul documentary of the contemporary harpsichord icon Annelie de Man was produced by our artistic director Jorge Isaac. The documentary presents unique interviews, visual and audio material fully devoted to the Grand Lady of the harpsichord and its music. The documentary can be viewed free of costs in Youtub. More info





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CD Buffoni Black Pencil

The CD ‘Buffoni’ of the ensemble BLACK PENCIL has been released in July 2014 by the German label CC ClassicClips, in combination with Visisonor Records. The recording features works by a.o. Roderik de Man, Guus Janssen, Nico Huijbregts, Chiel Meijering, and own arrangements of Pergolesi, Gallo and van Wassenaer a.o. The whole CD is devoted to works inspired by Commedia de’ll Arte. More info




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New DVD Blockflute Masters

The documentary ‘BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS’ demonstrates the surprising ways in which the blockflute (recorder) tradition of Amsterdam has developed, from Frans Brüggen in the 1960s until today. Throughout this film, we get to know a range of Dutch blockflute icons, and their own visions for this hugely versatile instrument. The stories of eminent teachers and musicians such as... More info





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'Buffoni!' most energetic program of Black Pencil

A performance full of energy and surprise by Black Pencil, inspired by the late 16th century Venice Commedia Dell’Arte: grotesque esthetics, hierarchy, accessibility and emotion. The new compositions are connected to each other by Interludes, short improvisations and own arrangements of Early Music master works. More info





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Visisonor celebrates 10 Years anniversary!

The first Visisonor production was presented in 2004. The year 2014 marked our 10th Anniversary! Visisonor has created in the mean time about 20 productions under the artistic direction of Jorge Isaac, a milestone creative achievement. A number of anniversary edition performances took place to celebrate this occasion. Take a look at our complete Production List





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L.A. Connection

As the acclaimed American film composer Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) once said ‘there is nothing in the nature of a film that requires the use of an orchestra’. We are currently developing an extended film music project together with MusicMind Tracks in Los Angeles. The concept will be around the use of unconventional instruments and live electronics for film scoring, including include a residency in Los Angeles by the Black Pencil ensemble, concerts and workshop.




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VisiSonor Composers Portrait Series: Roderik de Man

Roderik de Man talks about the Recorder and his collaboration with our Artistic Director Jorge Isaac. Interviewed by Walter van Hauwe (December 2010, Amsterdam) after the premiere of the interdisciplinary performance 'Pandora's Twist' for Music, Dance, Theatre, Video and live electronics.

Watch the interview on youtube Check out as well another interview with Roderik de Man made by Francesca Clements (February 2013).




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5th Motion: New Multimedia Installation

A groundbreaking multimedia installation, presenting a highly innovative concept of Motion Theatre: film, audio, sensorial elements, and high-tech cinematic experience producing totally immersive environment for all audiences. The cinematic journey includes 3D video, 5.1 digital surround, a motion platform and HD technology. More info.





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Blockflute Masters during the Blockflute Festival

The new VisiSonor production, Blockflute Masters, will be premiered in the Amsterdam on Sunday 21 October 2012. Works by Jacob van Eyck, Luciano Berio, Roderik de Man a.o.
The concert wil feature the presentation of the documentary ‘Bockflute Masters’.

Ticktes and reservations.





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Visisonor powers International Blockflute Festival

Visisonor will support the realization of the 3rd International Blockflute Festival Amsterdam. The 2012 edition will feature great concerts with a wide variety of repertory as well as masterclasses of different kinds. The festival is curated by Jorge Isaac and will take place on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October 2012 in dfferent locations.

Check out the website of the festival for programme details and reservations




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Tour China 2012

We are pleased to confirm that VisiSonor, together with Chinese partners, will co-produce an extensive tour of the Viola and Piano Duo Esra Pehlivanli & Anastasia Safonova in the largest concert halls of China this April 2012!  Classics of Viola repertory and works of the early 20th century. Check out the overview of our activities in China this April 2012.






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Recorder music @ World Music Days 2012

'Dust against the Wind' is the new composition by the Russian/Dutch composer Fred Momotenko written for Jorge Isaac. This work features basset recorder & live electronics and it has been selected by the ISCM to be performed during the international festival 'World Music Days 2012' in Belgium, from 25 October until 04 November 2012. 'Dust against the Wind' is a part of the multimedia performance “The Cloud Messenger“ (premiere: November Music Festival 2012).




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15 new compositions in the year 2011 !

15 new compositions were commissioned by VisiSonor in the year 2011. Special thanks to our artistic director Jorge Isaac, the Performing Arts Fund NL and other sponsors for their continuous encourage and support!The commissioned composers in 2010 were a.o. Roderik de Man, Nico Huijbregts, René Uijlenhoet, André Douw, Fred Momotenko, Chiel Meijering, Mirtru Escalona-Mijares, Louis Aguirre and Héctor Moro. More to come in 2012!




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Black Pencil again in Amsterdam, 18-12-2011

BLACK PENCIL will perform two world premieres by Louis Aguirre (Cuba/Denmark) and Héctor Mor (Chile/Germany), among other sparkling compositions specially written for the ensemble. Both works commissioned by the VisiSonor Foundation.

Het Bethaniënklooster Amsterdam, Sunday 18 December 2011, 15:00 hrs.





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Duo MARES at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 07-12-2011

‘Fascinating sound world. Virtuosity and versatility...Some of the keywords recently used by the Dutch newspaper Trouw to describe the work of Duo MARES (Esra Pehlivanli viola, Marko Kassl accordion). Next peformance: Amsterdam Concertgebouw, 07 December 2011, 20:15. Classics by J. Dowland, B. Britten, M. de Falla, I. Stravinsky, and awesome new compositions by Roderik de Man & Nico Huijbregts!





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New Double-CD by VisiSonor, release 18-12-2011

VisiSonor proudly prersents a new excting double-CD' Past & Present Tracks' with the music of the reknown Dutch composer Roderik de Man. This production features wonderful performances by Jorge Isaac, Duo MARES, BLACK PENCIL, Roentgen Connection, Harry Spaarnay, Nieuw Sinfonietta, Osiris Trio and, Annelie de Man, a.o. The CD will be presented on 18 December at the Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam (15:00 hrs).





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Ensemble BLACK PENCIL keeps on growing fast!

The Ensemble BLACK PENCIL continues generating new repertory. More than 10 new compositions for the new program Pulso Llanero have been written already: Roderik de Man, Michiel Mensingh, Nico Huijbregts, Chiel Meijering, André Douw, René Uijlenhout, Louis Aguirre, Héctor Moro, Mirtu Escalona Mijares among others. The ensemble will hold the actual the line up for the upcoming projects 2012-13 (Recorders, Panpipes, Viola, Accordion and Percussion).




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Marionette again as Electroacoustic representative

Marionette has been selected as a major representative of the Dutch Electronic Music. This work is has been included in the double-CD 'Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999-2010' a co-production of Music Centre The Netherlands and Basta Music. Marionette is dedicated to Jorge Isaac and was commissioned by VisiSonor. This work was previously short listed as top-10 Dutch compositions of the year 2007, and received a Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica.




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CD presentation Volume Nuevo

Duo MARES will present the new CD of Visisonor's production Volume Nuevo on 23 January 2011 in Amsterdam. The Program includes works written for the duo by Chiel Meijering, Frank Zabel, Sinta Wullur, Bruno Strobl, Tolga Özdemir and Nico Huijbregts.

The Duo is already working on their new VisiSonor production: Falsche Tango !





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World premiere BLACK PENCIL at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Black Pencil will present 6 world premieres at the renkown Concertgebouw Amsterdam on 18 November 2010, 20:15 hrs. The virtuoso ensemble features Jorge Isaac (blockflutes), Esra Pehlivanli (viola), Matthijs Koene (panflute), Mehmet Polat (ud) and Enric Monfort (percussion).

Ticket sells through the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.





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World premiere Pandora's Twist at the Melkweg Theater Amsterdam

The new interdisciplinary production by Visisonor, Pandora's Twist, will be premiered on 02 and 03 November 2010 at the Theater Melkweg Amsterdam. The production will be performed by Jorge Isaac (blockflutes), Esra Pehlivanli (viola) Kenzo Kusuda (dance) and Sebo Bakker (actor).

Ticket sells in Amsterdam through the Theater Melkweg





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Next performance of Acta Numérica in Den Bosch

The next performance of the multimedia performance Acta Numérica will take place in De Toonzaal- Den Bosch. The concert is programmed within the series New Music/Electronics.

Acta Numérica features new works by Roderik de Man, Fred Momotenko, and Arnoud Noordegraaf; performed by Jorge Isaac (blockflutes & electronics) and Marcel Wierckx (live video). Ticket sells through the De Toonzaal





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Netherlands Fund continues supporting VisiSonor in 2011-12

The Netherlands Performing Arts Fund will keep supporting the activities of VisiSonor in the year 2011 and 2012!

The exciting new productions will be announced in this website soon.









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New Brochure and CD-rom Visisonor

A new brochure and CD-rom is expected by December 2010, with an overview of all Visisonor productions from the year 2004 until present time, including the new productions planned for 2011 and 2012.

The CD-rom will include images, text, audio, video and more.

Stay tuned through our Newsletter for the release!






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FUZZ in Australia

FUZZ will be featured during the ISCM World New Music Days in venues across Sydney.

For the first time in the history of the ISCM, its showcase of musical excellence will be held in Australia. The 2010 World New Music Days will present vital, engaging and interesting music from the 52 sections of the ISCM. This will be the largest contemporary new music festival ever held in Australia. Visisonor's FUZZ will be there (30 April - 09 May 2010).




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Acta Numérica in Belgium

Three new works for blockflutes, video and electronics will be premiered in Gent/ Belgium (February 2010) at LOGOS-Tetrahedron: Roderik de Man's Acta Numérica (2010), Fred Momotenko's Irrational Philosophy (2010) and Marcel Wierckx's ZinTuig (2009/10). The performance will also include Arnoud's Noordegraaf most recent work for tenor blockflute and video e.Tude (2009). Acta Numérica will continue touring in 6 different countries this year.




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Recordings Volume Nuevo started

Duo Mares will bring two new CD’s in 2010 devoted to contemporary music written for the duo. The recordings have already started in Ankara (Turkey) and will continue in Amsterdam (February 2010).


The works of Visisonor’s production “Volume Nuevo” will be published by the German label GWK.





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Volume Nuevo nominated for the JNM Award

Visisonor's production Volume Nuevo has been nominated for the Jur Naessens Music Award 2009.

This unique competition is open to all ensembles, all instruments, all styles and welcomes crossover projects and combinations with other disciplines. For this event, Duo Mares will perform with the dancer Kenzo Kusuda and the video artist Marcel Wierckx. The final will take place on the 16th of December 2009, BIMHUIS - Amsterdam.




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New scoring for The Black Virgin

Elik Alvarez’s Concert Suite from his score to the film La Virgen Negra is set to be performed with solo Recorder and Symphony Orchestra. Jorge Isaac will perform the premiere in February 2010. The original sound track for the film featured the singer Lisbeth Scott (Indiana Jones, Munich, The Passion of The Christ, and others) on the solo part, which will be now performed on Recorder, while scenes from the film are shown in large screens.




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Visisonor in Rome

In November 2009, Visisonor will perform at the International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Rome.


The organisation received more than 250 works from 32 countries. A selection of those will be performed during a full week. Visisonor will participate as a special guest.





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First version Instrumental Ways launched

The first version of “Instrumental Ways” has been launched at This on-line source, powered by the Visisonor Foundation, brings information about how to compose for the contemporary Recorder.
The motto of the project is to inspire and stimulate composers and arrangers towards the use of the instrument in any contemporary context.
The website will be fully activated by February 2010.




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Visisonor in Slovenia

Visisonor will perform at the prestigious Ljubljana Festiva in October 2009, featuring "Volume Nuevo".


The concert includes new works by Chiel Meijering, Sinta Wullur, Gerhard Beljon, Nico Huijbregts and Ivo Petric, and will be performed by the virtuoso Duo Mares.





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Visisonor Projects 2009-2010

Visisonor will produce 5 new projects during the period 2009 and 2010. This ambitious program will be performed in about 10 different countries, and will generate 15 new compositions. For these activities we have received structural sponsorship from the Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts+ (Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten+).

Go to the section 'New Productions 2009 and 2010' to see details of each project.




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Visisonor in Montreal

Visisonor will perform at the prestigious International Computer Music Conference (ICMC, August 2009) in Montreal.


From the 615 submissions received, ICMC selected 59 for concert performances, among those Visisonor's work for blockflutes, electronics and video, performed by Jorge Isaac and Marcel Wierckx, music by Roderik de Man.





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New projects at full speed

We are currently working at full speed for the new Visisonor productions 09-10. A crew of 9 people (composers, musicians, visual artists, a.o.) engaged in the process at the moment.

The Visisonor Foundation launched Visisonor Records at the beginning of this year and 2 new releases are scheduled for 2009. By the second half of this year we will also launch an on-line Instrumental Information Centre. Stay tuned!